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Zip Codes

Zip Codes

You may enter a city and state, only city, or a partial city name

Enter the city and (optional) state. Partial city names are acceptable.

Zip Code Finder Help
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Zip Finder Help

The Zip Finder is a tool which locates a zip code when provided with a city and state.

The Zip Finder database contains both US and Canadian zip codes.

Zip Finder Form

Data Form
City & State. Type the name of the city and state for which you are trying to find a zip code.

Entering a partial city name will prompt the display of a list of possible matches.
E.G. "Ashe" will bring up results such as Asheboro, Asher, Ashern, Asherton, and Asheville.

The entry format in which the city and state are entered are not important.
I.E. "Asheville," "Asheville,NC," Asheville, NC," "Asheville NC," "Asheville,North Carolina," "Asheville, North Carolina," or "Asheville North Carolina" will all return Asheville, North Carolina.

The state is not required, it simply assists in narrowing down the results returned by a search.

Data Form