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Transit Time

Transit Time

This form will return important transit information for pickup and delivery, including transit time, expected delivery dates and mileage. When it pertains to the shipment, other delivery information may also be displayed.

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Transit Time Help
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Transit Time

This screen indicates transit times within the Midwest Motor Express system, as well as mileage and also provides origin and destination maps.

Data Form

You may enter a zip code or partial city name for lookup. Only available pickup dates (excluding weekends and holidays) are shown in a drop-down select list.

Data Form

When entering a city name, a list of zip codes for that city will be shown. Arrow down, then press the [Enter] key on the appropriate selection.

Autocomplete City Name

Autocomplete will provide a city selection should the zip code span more than one location.

Autocomplete Multiple Cities

Result Screen

Result provides 5 available pickup dates and the expected delivery dates. It will also show the mileage and Midwest Service Center terminals.

Result Screen

If the destination is an interline to one of our partners, that will be indicated.


Location Information

Clicking on the 3-digit Service Center Terminal codes will bring up a map and terminal location information for both origin and destination.

Select Terminal

Selecting the "Get Directions" button will allow you to enter your address and receive door-to-door directions in printable format.

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