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104 Years of History

IDWEST MOTOR EXPRESS, INC.'s history dates back 104 years to 1918 with its earliest co-founder, Charles Snyder. At that time Snyder's Dray and Transfer in Bismarck, North Dakota hauled sand, gravel and freight with horses and wagons.

Midwest Motor Express Origins
Midwest Motor Express relied on horse and wagon teams in its infancy

Snyder subsequently merged with Joseph Greenstein and Julius Roswick, operating Roswick-Greenstein-Snyder, Inc. for a short time before changing the name in 1938 to Midwest Motor Express, Inc.

MIDWEST MOTOR EXPRESS, INC. expanded by applying for additional authority and through the following acquisitions: Midnite Express, Inc. (1945), Schmidt Truck Lines (1956), Auto X-Press (1956), Culp Truck Lines (1957), Daniel Auto Express (1962), operating authority of Advanced-United Expressways (1965), operating authority of Ringsby United (1965) and operating authority and equipment of Twin City Freight (1988).

Midwest Motor Express Origins
A Midwest Motor Express tractor/trailer combination from the 1940s

Deregulation created challenges as well as opportunities. Midwest Motor Express, Inc. expanded coverage to include the markets of Chicago, Omaha, Kansas City, Memphis and Milwaukee and is now the pre-eminent regional carrier in the Upper Midwest and Great Northwest.

MME 100 Years