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Pickup Request Form


Request Pickup / Print Labels / BOL

Request a Freight Pickup Fill out a request form or open the History tab to use a previous request as a template.

    • Pickup Request

      * Required fields

      Contact Person

      Shipper Information

      Pickup Information





      The e-mail address listed below will receive notices on freight arrival.
    • Clear

      Shipment Details

      * Required fields

      Freight Information

      Consignee Information

      Third Party Information

      COD Information

      Description of Articles

      Limit 53 characters per line. For longer descriptions, use the description box in an adjoining row. Limit: 8 rows.
      Select the delete button (X) to remove unwanted rows.
      *At least one item description is required.
      Description of Articles


      Submission Selection

      Form has been processed. Just select "Submit" to save any edits you have made on this record under this pro number.
      To submit this form as a new request or to save as a new record for later use, simply change the document name. Pro number and pickup number will not be transferred to the new record.
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    • Shipping Labels and Bills of Lading

      Pro Number:
      Enter a Pronumber to Print Labels or Bill of Lading

      Bill of Lading

      Generate a Bill of Lading from the selected Pronumber

      Shipping Labels

      Shipping Labels 6 per sheet
      6 Per Page
      Shipping Labels 4 per sheet
      4 Per Page
      Shipping Labels 2 per sheet
      2 Per Page
      Start at number
      and print labels
      Acrobat Reader
      For greatest printer compatibility, labels and bills are created in Adobe Reader format. If you do not have Adobe Reader installed, you can install it now.
      Avery Compatibility Chart
      FormatProduct #
      6 per sheet15564, 18664, 45464, 48264, 48464, 48864, 5164, 5264, 55164, 5524, 55264, 55364, 55464, 5664, 58164, 58264, 8164, 8254, 8464, 8564
      4 per sheet6878
      2 per sheet15516, 18126, 48126, 48226, 48326, 48330, 5126, 5526, 5783, 8126, 85783
Pickup Request Help
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Pickup Request Forms

The Pickup Request page consists of four tabbed pages.

Pickup Request and Shipment Details are two parts of one form. This form is submitted at the bottom of the Shipment Details tab.

History allows you to view saved forms and their status.

Labels/BOL allows you to print labels as well as a Bill of Lading.



Customer Code is autofilled according to the Customer Code you used to log in. If there are other Customer Codes associated with this account, you will be presented with a drop-down list to choose from.


City Autofill

Where City and State are required, you may enter a zip code or a city name to chose from a select list.

Where there are multiple cities for the same zip code, again, you will be provided a select list.

Zip Code Autocomplete Simply enter the zip code.

Zip Code Autocomplete

City Zip Code Lookup

City Lookup Autocomplete

Multiple Cities - Same zip Code

Multiple City Autocomplete

Pickup Information

Select from available pickup dates. (Excludes weekends and holidays)

If you require a dispatcher to call prior to pickup, check the "Call For Pickup" box.

Pickup Information

Continue to Details Selecting the link at the bottom of the Pickup Request form will take you to the "Shipment Details" tab

Continue to Shipment Details

Shipment Details

Shipment Details Tab

Description of Articles

Enter the number of units and select the type of packaging from the drop-down list.

Be sure to check the "Haz" box if the shipment contains hazardous materials.

Shipment Details Tab

Descriptions are limited to 53 characters. The number of remaining characters is shown to the right of the Description box.

If your Description contains more than 53 characters, simply start a new row and continue in the new row Description box, leaving other fields blank.

Articles Description

Add/Delete Rows You are limited to 8 rows. To add a new row, Select the "Add Row" button. To delete any row, select the red delete button.

Add/Delete Rows

Submitting/Saving Pickup Requests

You have 3 choices on submitting a finished form

submission Choices
  1. Send Request and Save This will submit the pickup request and assign a pro number and pickup number to your shipment. You will receive a verification on your screen, with the assigned pro number. You can then select the Labels tab and print labels or a BOL. Your form will also be available in your History file. If you are submitting a request, this is the preferred choice, as it allows you to print a Bill of Lading, Labels, or cancel a request if necessary.
  2. Send Without Saving This is the same as #1, but will not save the document to the History file. Selecting this option will also prevent your ability to print labels or a Bill of Lading.
  3. No Request - Save Only Selecting this option will not send a Pickup Request, but will save your form to your History file for later submission. This feature also allows you to create templates, avoiding repetition when creating requests.

You are notified upon successful request, as well as the pro number assigned to your shipment.

Submit Success

"Save As" Feature

When saving requests, you will be provided an input box to title your form storage in your History file.

Save As

You will be notified if the document name exists. You can then choose to overwrite the existing file or create a new record by changing the name.

When you change a name, your previous document remains intact.

Document Exists

In addition to the highlighted notice, you will receive a confirmation notice on submit, if you have not changed the document title, to assure you want to overwrite the file, .

Overwrite Document

When you have pulled a document in from your History table, the title box will show that you are editing that record. You can chose to overwrite that document, or simply provide a new name, preserving the previous information in the document you have just edited, and saving the changed information to the new document.

Editing Document

You cannot re-submit a form record that has already been processed (Submitted and assigned a pro number). However you can edit the information for your own purposes. You can also change the document name. When you change the name, a new document is created, which you can submit for a new shipment, as the pro number and pickup number will not transfer to the new document.

The message (in red) reads "Form has been processed. Just select "Submit" to save any edits you have made on this record under this pro number. To submit this form as a new request or to save as a new record for later use, simply change the document name. Pro number and pickup number will not be transferred to the new record."

Processed Notice


History Tab

The History table contains a paginated list of your saved request documents. Here you can edit a document, cancel a request, and delete a cancelled or unsubmitted document.

History Table

The powerful Search box will search all fields in all documents for a full or partial word or number. The Recycle graphic refreshes the table to its default settings.

History Search

View/Edit You can chose to View or Edit documents on file.

When selecting View, a summary of the request document will be shown.

Selecting Edit will populate the request form and take you to the Pickup Request tab.

View Document:

Document View

Cancelling Requests And Deleting Documents

Delete Document If a document has not been submitted as a request, it can be deleted at any time. If a document has been submitted, you may delete it in your History table once it has been picked up and processed through the system.

Cancel Request You may cancel a request if it has not yet been picked up. The software will not allow you to cancel a request that has been picked up. A successful cancel will change the "Cancel" selection to "Delete", followed by a red "C". You may then delete the record from your History file, should you wish to.

The Cancel selection will show until a pickup has occurred. After pickup has been registered, this link will change to "Delete", allowing you to delete the record from your History table, if you wish.

Cancel Request


Labels/BOL Tab

This page allows you to print freight labels and Bills of Lading. If you go to this tab directly after a successful Pickup Request. the pro number will be auto-filled in the pro number input. Otherwise, you will need to enter the pro number. This will need to be a pro number that is available in your History table.

Label Pro Numbers

Print BOL Once you have entered a pro number, you may print a Bill of Lading.

Print BOL

Print Labels

Select your label format. Labels will print to a PDF form.

This format allows you to select where you want to start on the page and the number of labels you want to print, thus preventing any waste of unused labels on a page.

Print Labels

The selections above will print 1 6-label page as shown below.

Label Page

Example Label

Label Page