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Online Bill of Lading Creation
This web page will produce a Midwest Bill of Lading in Adobe PDF format. Enter your Shipping information. When you are finished, you may choose to:
  • Create Bill. Creates a Bill of Lading from your information which you may print or save to your computer.
  • Keep this document on file. Save your document information for future use. This allows you to create templates, avoiding the task of re-entering similar data. E-mail address is used only for your unique personal reference.

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Description of Articles

For longer descriptions, use the next description box. 53 characters per line. Some characters count as two.
Limit: 8 rows.
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*At least one item description is required.
Description of Articles

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Create/Save BOL

Here, you can create a valid Bill of Lading for a current shipment. You can also save your bill for later use or use it as a template.

Archive Bills

After you have completed the information, you can create your bill (in PDF format) for viewing or printing.

Create Bill

Optionally, you can save your information or overwrite an existing bill to be used again or as a template you may edit.

Save/create Bill

Retrieve Stored Files

Entering your email address at the top of the screen will bring up a list of stored documents, allowing you to open for editing or delete any documents you no longer wish to keep.


When you have opened a stored record, the title you stored it under will show at the top of the form

Document Title

Data Entry

In the Articles section, you can add up to 8 rows by selecting the "Add Row" selection, or by tabbing out of the last input box in a row.

Add Row

You can delete any row, other than row 1, by selecting the Delete button at the end of the row.

Delete Row

Item descriptions are limited to 53 characters. The numeric indicator will tell you how many characters are remaining. If you need more than 53 characters to describe your product, simply use the description area in the next row.

Character Limit


WHen selecting "Create Bill", you may view or print your Bill Of Lading

Bill Of Lading