Pricing Help

The suite of online pricing tools and information is provided by Midwest to assist in financial planning and cost analysis.

Accessorial Charges

Fuel Surcharge Index

The fuel index is an indicator that helps companies determine how much to charge a customer for fuel based on the national going rate for fuel.

Both PDF (Adobe portable document formate) and XLS (Microsoft spreadsheet format) versions of the table can be downloaded for reference.

To download these documents, click the PDF (red) icon for PDF, or the XLS (green) icon for XLS. Icons are found on the top right corner of the table.

Density Calculator

The density calculator is a powerful tool which allows you to guage the total weight, cubic feet, and density (in pounds per cubic foot) of up to fifteen items.

In order to calculate these values, the length, width, height and weight must be known.

Once the length, width and height have been entered, the calculator will automatically fill in the cubic feet.

Once the cubic feet have appeared and weight has been entered, the calculator will automatically fill in the density.

Totals for more than one item are shown at the bottom, and are calculated as each item is added.

An example of the density calculator at work.

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